Design Projects


PwC Sydney Client Spaces

Creating a new benchmark for customer and client engagement.

When PwC came to us and asked us to design a completely new way of engaging with their customers, the timing was serendipitous.  Our practice does a lot of research into the future of the built environment and how people engage with a space.

The Client Collaboration floors we designed in Sydney are intuitive spaces that use design to create an oasis of calm, where professionals can come together to be inspired and innovative in their fast paced, constantly changing world of business.


PwC Melbourne Client Spaces

Using technology to create an unparalleled customer experience.

We live in a world increasingly dependent on and driven by technology.  This has had an enormous impact on how we design the physical environment.  It has mean that technology is now integrated into a physical environment, rather than ‘stuck on’ or added as an afterthought. 

Technology is no longer a necessary evil and can be used in creative, innovative ways to enhance the customer experience, as we have done for PwC’s Client Collaboration floors in both Melbourne and Sydney.



Taking a renowned brand to the 'next level' using design thinking.

Your workplace is your brand, and the design of your workplace speaks volumes to both visitors and staff alike.  Savills are an internationally renowned brand, known for their global expertise when it comes to providing a range of real estate services.

Prior to us working with them however, their offices didn’t portray the business in the best light.  One of the main goals for this project was to demonstrate Savills’ global leadership, their values and vision, and for the workplace to be part of a bigger story when it came to positioning the business as one of the best in the world.



Designing a space for entrepreneurs to continue to innovate.

Pexa is one of the new ‘prop-tech’ entrepreneurial business that are transforming the property market.  As the business had grown rapidly since its inception in 2010, they had to quickly find accommodation in a variety of locations.  This meant that the team was fragmented, which was beginning to have an impact on their ability to collaborate and therefore, innovate. 

We worked with them to design a new, flexible working environment where teams could be formed based on the projects they were working on, and where Pexa could continue to innovate and remain leaders in their field.



Recognised as one of the best places to work in Australia, and THE leader in workplace design.

Google is renowned for having workplaces that are fun, innovative and ‘Googly’. As a tech startup, they were one of the first businesses in the world to recognise the power of the workplace when it came to attracting and retaining a talented workforce who were aligned with a company’s vision, mission and values.  Around the world, Google’s offices are always quirky, representing the unique culture of the team’s location.  When we designed Google’s first Australian HQ sustainability was also important to them, and this project was one of the first sustainable Google offices in the world. 

Hear Angela discuss the design of Google Australia HQ here